Nature Programming

Justin offers a variety of wilderness programming for children and adults that teach nature connection through games, stories, adventure and wilderness survival skills.

One-on-One Nature Mentoring for Kids,Teens, and Adults.

Justin offers one-on-one mentoring sessions with kids, teens and adults about making fire with sticks, building shelters, basketry, tracking and many other wilderness skills.  Justin's mentoring style increases love and connection for the natural world and nourishes students' understanding of themselves and their personal power.


Mentoring sessions are $100 for a 3-hour session for 1 person and $30 per additional sibling or family member up to 4.


Earth Skills for Homeschoolers

Justin is not currently offering Earth Skills for Homeschoolers at this time.  Check back as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

A wilderness-based mentoring program that helps raise healthy and connected children in a community setting. Students learn ancient wilderness survival techniques, build awareness, and hone their naturalist skills, while developing character and exploring their unique gifts.

Students will engage in activities that could include building survival shelters, making fire by rubbing sticks together, tracking coyotes, making stone tools and so many more fun projects. Over the course of our program, students develop qualities such as leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence, expression, service, integrity and other foundational aspects of good character. Join our Earth Skills program and step into wild adventures in nature.

Ages: 7-12

Cost: $70/class or $300 for 5 classes


Locations and Dates:

Ridgway, CO

Dates: TBA

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: TBA


Gunnison, CO

Dates: TBA

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: TBA


Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Justin has experience in providing rites of passage ceremonies for teens and adults.  If you are interested in a rites of passage ceremony for yourself or your teen, email Justin to begin a conversation.


Contact and scheduling

Justin Pegnataro, L.P.C.C.

For more info or to schedule a session, send Justin an email.

Click here to learn about our booking, payment and cancelation policies

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