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The Quest for Inner Fire

Are you seeking more purpose and meaning in your life?  Perhaps you feel an intangible calling in your bones or a yearning to engage with life's bigger story.  Or maybe you know your vision, but are stuck somewhere along the trail and struggling to bring it to life.  Come embark on an inner quest for fire.  Come seek your thread of destiny in the tapestry of all life.


Over the course of this 6 session online series you will:

  • Explore the cycle of inspiration.

  • Create a lifemap to discover hidden clues seeded throughout your life.

  • Find moments of soul encounters that hold deep meaning.

  • Face your inner blocks that keep you from living your purpose.

  • Explore a trail of clues that can lead you on the adventure of your life.

  • Steep in nourishing stories, poems, visioning exercises, journaling and guided meditations.

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Session 1: Following your yearning and exploring what drew you to this quest.  Looking at the landscape of our quest and the themes of the upcoming weeks and exploring the cycle of inspiration.

Session 2: Explore the concepts of fate and destiny and how they work together to create an invisible thread of meaning for us to follow through life.

Session 3: Finding the breadcrumbs and tracks that can both lead us into the wilds of our soul and back to the hearth of the village.  And exploring our personal mission.

Session 4: Map the story of your life as a tool to discover the arc of your destiny and to reexamine the stories of your life.

Session 5:  Explore the blocks, barriers and killers of dreams that exist within us and learn how to work with them to free ourselves.

Session 6: Touch into our deep inner authority to begin our work and receiving the blessing from our village and from our Self-within to fully step into our destiny and purpose.


2024 Dates: Wednesdays March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 24

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: zoom

Cost: $275

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Justin Pegnataro, LPC

Justin is dedicated to helping people live vibrant healthy lives filled with connection and purpose.  Justin is an ecotherapist, nature mentor and writer.  Justin is also the former director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School.  Over the course of his career, Justin has mentored hundreds of adults and teens in discovering who they are, claiming their personal power and in finding a deep sense of belonging within their own communities and the more-than-human world.

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