Booking, Payment and Cancellation Policy

To book a Therapy Session, go to the contact section and send an email.  Be sure to include a phone number.  There will be a follow-up phone call to schedule an appointment.  Please schedule at least a week in advance.
For payment, Payment is due at the time of the session.  Payment can be in the form of cash, a check or an online credit card payment through Square.  To make an online payment, click on the payment button in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
Cancelations, Please give 24 hours notice before canceling a session.  Understanding that last minute cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, each client is given two last minute cancelations before being charged a full session fee.  For clients that give no prior notice to canceling a session, a full session fee is charged.  If a client misses three sessions in a row without communicating about the missed appointments, they will be considered for discharge and their regular scheduled session time may be given to another client.
For sessions that Justin cancels due to technical challenges on his end, the client will not be charged and it will not count as a missed session.  Outdoor therapy sessions that are canceled due to inclement weather, COVID-19 factors are expected to happen via zoom at the time of the scheduled appointment.  There are no in-person office sessions happening at this time. 
Earth Skills for homeschoolers classes are not refunded based on non-attendance, however any missed days due to the class being canceled because of weather or other circumstances will be rescheduled.