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Dear Friends,

I am in the process of completing a manuscript for a book about rewilding practices.  The book supports readers to discover their wild self and shows them how to build a community of like hearted people.  While there are many ways to live a wild life, this book focuses on practices that create a deep communion with the wild world through engaging the senses, performing rituals and ceremonies, grieving our losses, speaking with the more -than-human world, remembering our ancestors, hosting annual gatherings and community celebrations and ceremonies to honor many of the life transitions we experience including birth, youth rites of passage, adult rites of passage, marriage, becoming a parent, becoming an elder and death.  Together these practices create a life affirming way of living in right relationship to nature, people and ourself.  They bring vitality and meaning while weaving together the village you have always yearned for.  More updates to come!

UPDATE: April 1, I have been offered representation for my manuscript with D. Patrick Miller and his agency, Fearless Publishing.

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