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Seeking a natural path to healing and vitality in your life?  Ecotherapy helps you to find and live your one wild and precious life.  Through the process of personal exploration and healing in nature and through building healthy relationships and community, ecotherapy creates health, wellness and vitality through a holistic approach that enlivens your relationships to yourself, community, and to the natural world.  Ecotherapy sessions can be held online through a video conference platform, or in person at Sleeping Giant State Park or at our office.

Session Rates are $150 for 45 to 50-minutes and must be booked a week in advance.

Office location:

3496 Whitney Avenue, #202

Hamden, CT 06518

(Across the street from Sleeping Giant State Park)


 Click here to learn about our cancellation policy. (ecotherapy sessions can be in person or by teletherapy)

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