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Tending your Inner Village

Coming into relationship with your inner selves through soul work


We are made of many parts.  Some hold our gifts, others protect us, some we hide away or abandon while others rule our lives while sabotaging us.  Some are terrified and others angry.  There are golden parts and deep shadows.  Come embark on a journey of healing, coming home, and restoring harmony to your inner village in ways that bring more vitality and peace into your inner realms.


Over the course of this 8-week program we will explore:

  • Universal Archetypal forces and creating a mandala map of these energies

  • Exploring spirit and soul and the powers and energies held within each

  • Identify and explore your inner characters, their roles and needs.

  • Create a map of your inner villagers

  • Bringing home outcast, abandoned and imprisoned parts

  • Meet with our internal dragons and shadow aspects of self.

  • Use somatic and meditative techniques to explore your inner realms

  • Find your inner place of power

  • Bring your love to your most core wounds and needs

  • Bring more peace and balance into your inner and outer life


Session 1 Universal Energies:  Explore universal archetypes, spirit, use a mandala as a map to the universe to guide your life.  Explore universal Archetypes of mother, father, maiden, queen, crone, king, warrior and the wild one).   In this session, we will also visit an inner power place and sit with our core Self.


Session 2 Intro to inner selves: Explore  light and shadow aspects of self, identify different kinds of inner characters, learn about soul work and the inner village, explore fate and destiny, learn self care practices and grounding exercises for this work.


Session 3 Mapping your inner village: Discover your inner characters through exploring archetypal energies, personal qualities, and through somatic exploration.  We will also create a map of your the characters in your inner psyche.


Session 4 Protectors:  This session focuses on the protector parts. We will visit with our protector parts and seek to understand their role and how they help us. We will also learn how we can help them and about what parts they help to protect or restrain.


Session 5 Monsters and Shadows: Visit with parts of us that are destructive, manipulative, sabotage us or hurt ourself or others.  Through visiting them, we will learn their motivations and begin the work of accepting them as part of us while finding healthier ways to meet their motivations.


Session 6 Exiles and inner children: These are core foundational aspects of self.  They hold our deepest pain and our most beautiful gifts.  Some of them we exalt and others we exile.  There is a vulnerability to these parts that is at the core of all the protective and destructive strategies our other parts employ.  Bringing our exiles and orphans home begins the healing process and reestablishes a relationship with these vital parts of ourselves.


Session 7: Inviting in new aspects of self: Learn how to find and generate new aspects of self that can support and balance your village.  Invite in parts you never knew you had or that you have always needed but felt like you never possessed.  We will also explore quests and ceremonies that can support your inner work in your everyday life.


Session 8: Return to the village:  In our final session we will reflect and review what we have learned and the tools to continue moving forward.  Although this is the completion of the course, it really is just the opening of the door to the depths of self knowledge.  We will close with a guided meditation into Self and also into your village.


Your journey will also include these bonuses:

  • Journal prompts and exercises between sessions

  • Includes a personal mentoring session with Justin ($175 value)


2024 Dates: Wednesdays in 2024

Sept 18, 25, Oct 2, 9, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: zoom

Cost: $425



Justin Pegnataro, LPC

Justin is dedicated to helping people live vibrant healthy lives filled with connection and purpose.  Justin is an ecotherapist, nature mentor and writer.  Justin is also the former director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School.  Over the course of his career, Justin has mentored hundreds of adults and teens in discovering who they are, claiming their personal power and in finding a deep sense of belonging within their own communities and the more-than-human world.

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