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Justin Pegnataro,L.P.C.

Guide to the Wild Within

Justin is dedicated to helping people live vibrant healthy lives filled with connection and purpose.  His own journey began over two decades ago when he moved into the forests of Connecticut for four months and lived with just a sleeping bag, knife and sack of rice.  Since then, Justin immersed himself in the natural world, and through it, he embarked on a hero’s journey of personal growth and transformation.  In 2007, Justin founded Two Coyotes Wilderness School for children and families that connected people to the wildness of nature and the wilderness of their own internal landscapes.  Over that time, Justin mentored hundreds of children and adults in discovering who they are, claiming their personal power and in finding a deep sense of belonging within their own communities and the more-than-human world.


The core of Justin’s work focuses on creating healthy lifestyle and relationships while exploring the landscape of inner healing and transformation.  Justin incorporates many different therapeutic techniques into his work.  His therapeutic style is based around helping others to become the author of their lives and is influenced by Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems approaches.  Nature is also a vital component to Justin's approach.  Nature offers both challenge and sanctuary and is a rich landscape filled with metaphor and meaning that empowers the therapeutic process.  Lastly, by creating an environment of trust and unconditional acceptance, Justin creates a non-judgmental space that provides a safe foundation for you to explore your inner depths within.




  • Licensed Professional Councelor, Connecticut

  • M.S. in Mental Health Counseling, UMASS, Boston

  • B.S Cultural Anthropology and B.S. Biology, SCSU

  • 11 years Executive Nonprofit Management experience

  • 11 years Wilderness Mentoring of adults, families and children.

  • Wilderness Rites of Passage facilitator since 2009

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