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Through the process of personal exploration and healing in nature, and through building healthy relationships and community, ecotherapy creates health, wellness and vitality through a holistic approach.  Ecotherapy sessions can be booked for the office or in a natural setting.

Traditional Counseling

Traditional counseling services are for people who are experiencing mental or emotional distress and are seeking counseling services that are targeted toward addressing the cause of the distress and creating wellness in the client’s life.

Ecotherapy Programs, Workshops and Groups

Justin also offers a variety of wilderness programming, workshops and therapeutic groups for adults and teens

Rites of Passage Ceremony

Justin is a facilitator of rites of passage ceremonies for youth and adults.  Rites of passage offers an empowering way to transition from one life stage to the next.  If you are interested in rites of passage for yourself or your teen, email Justin to learn more.

Consulting and Speaking

Justin consults and offers trains to schools and other organizations in designing nature education programs and regenerative community.  He also is an inspiring public speaker who speaks on the importance of nature connection and growing community in nurturing our own health and wellness, and the health of the planet.  References are available on request.  Email Justin if you are interested in his consulting or speaking services.



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