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Sitting in the Ashes

A path of grief and grieving

Our bodies know how to grieve, if we can give in and surrender to their inner knowing.  Grief is an underworld journey where we travel in between the worlds as we try to make sense of that which cannot be made sense of.  In this necessary journey, we can learn how to sit in the ashes of our life and incubate dreams for our life to come.


What is lost to us, can never totally be lost.  As we make our way through, we will learn how to regenerate the spark of our life and our connection to our loss.  

This workshop is for those who have experienced grief in any of its forms.  Be it the loss of a person, a hope or dream or reconciling past trauma.

On this journey we will

  • Cultivate a community to embark on our grief journey together

  • Share our evolving stories of grief

  • Talking in circle on select grief topics

  • Do exercises and Journaling using grief prompts

  • Go on guided meditations in our grief process

  • Learn grounding techniques to modulate our distance from our grief.

  • Listen to poetry and mythological stories to aid our grief journey.

  • Participate in a community grief ritual.

Session 1 Welcome, Grief as a landscape, pathways through grief, where we get stuck.

Session 2 Feeling our loss and tending our pain

Session 3 Reconciling, owning and moving toward acceptance.

Session 4 Gratitude and re-membering

Session 5  legacy, continuing the relationship and finding meaning

Session 6 Inviting in and a return to life

Session 7 Grief Ritual (in-person)

2024 Dates: 

October 3, 10, 24, 31, November 6, 13 & Nov 16 (in-person ceremony)


Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: Zoom

(Final ceremony is 9am-3pm and  in Newtown, CT)

Cost: $375



Justin Pegnataro, LPC

Justin is dedicated to helping people live vibrant healthy lives filled with connection and purpose.  Justin is an ecotherapist, nature mentor and writer.  Justin is also the former director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School.  Over the course of his career, Justin has mentored hundreds of adults and teens in discovering who they are, claiming their personal power and in finding a deep sense of belonging within their own communities and the more-than-human world.

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