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What to Expect for your Ecotherapy Session

Ecotherapy sessions are held outdoors.  They can take the form of going for a hike or sitting in camp chairs and talking, to creating nature-based personal ceremonies or learning wilderness skills.  Often there are mindfulness practices in nature, gratitude practices and guided meditations that are a part of the experience.  There may also be group and workshop offerings from time to time that are ecotherapeutic and not part of a regular ecotherapy sessions.

Ecotherapy sessions focus on many facets of wholeness.  Some of those facets include  mentoring and therapeutic work, building healthy community, working with lineage and ancestry, deepening a personal connection to nature, using ritual and ceremonies to  connect to the divine and adopting healthy practices into your life.

It can be help for you to have a clear intention or goal in seeking ecotherapy treatment.  I custom craft your ecotherapy experience to meet and exceed your goals.  My work is empowerment and justice oriented and so one aspect of the work is also discovering your inner gifts and how to give them as a gift to your community.

For your ecotherapy sessions: Bring your own folding chair to the outdoor session, as we will be sitting outside in the sun.  Bring what you need to feel comfortable in nature.  That may include: water, a hat, sunglasses, or an extra layer of clothing.  you will also need a pen and journal.  There may or maybe not be bathroom access at our session location, so plan accordingly.

Inclement weather will cause us to meet via teletherapy rather than canceling the session.  Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about your session.

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