Covid-19 Information Page

The advent of COVID-19 has been stressful and scary for many of us.  It has changed our daily lives dramatically and today we live with the looming possibility that we, or a loved one, may come down with the disease.  It is only natural to feel a variety of emotions and to want support in finding balance in life again.

In order to protect each other, Justin is offering teletherapy video sessions through Zoom, an online-meeting-platform.  Justin is also offering in-person sessions in the outdoors.  The following precautions will be in effect for in-person sessions.

For in-person sessions in nature please follow the following guidelines.

1) If you feel ill or have an unexplained cough, sore throat, sneezing, or fever we will switch our appointment to an online Zoom session.

2) If you have come into contact with a person who is sick, or is under quarantine, or are caring for a person with a possible case of COVID-19, we will switch our appointment to an online Zoom session.

3) Bring your own folding chair to the outdoor session, as we will be sitting outside in the sun.  Bring what you need to feel comfortable in nature.  That may include: water, a hat, sunglasses, or an extra layer of clothing.

4) Generally if there is inclement weather or a prediction of rain or colder temperatures on the day of your session, we will switch the appointment to an online Zoom session.

5) During the session, we will at all times maintain a 6' physical distancing to ensure each of our safety.  indoor sessions will require masks.

To learn more about Zoom and to download the app for phone or computer, click on the link below.

Below are two flyers on coping with COVID-19 stress from the World Health Organization, and a link to the WHO COVID-19 information page.

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